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KA Executive Search is a boutique consultancy, working as a trusted partner with a select number of organisations across the built environment and related sectors. We are pleased to partner our clients in supporting both their talent management and resourcing strategies.

We are not transactional in our approach rather our success and satisfaction is rooted in a passion and commitment for contributing to our clients personal and business success.  We won’t promise to do everything, we will focus on our core capabilities and identify where we can dove tail with you as a strategic value adding partner.

By developing a more in depth understanding of our client organisations, firstly this enables us to successfully identify and attract high calibre talent through our Executive Search and Talent attraction services.  Secondly, through the services of our Developing and Retaining Talent experts, we support our clients in helping them to define and deliver their talent management, succession planning and retention strategies.

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Strategic thinking partner

We know you will have your own good ideas and already be doing some great things so we won’t bring our own agenda or have an axe to grind. We bring a passion for talent management as a core area of our expertise so promise to help you: formulate and test new ideas, create a space for you to think through important decisions, helping you stretch your thinking and shift perspective and find pragmatic and workable solutions to your talent management challenges.

We are objective, looking for where we can add value rather than influencing you to start from scratch and we won’t be persuading you to buy proprietary tools; rather helping you leverage the good things you are already doing and bridging critical gaps.

We offer straight forward feedback and insightful questions working with you to help build your in-house capability to manage your talent effectively to meet individual and business needs.

We are happy to be hands on and can design talent management processes that form part of your approach to business planning, ensuring that what you do is rooted in achieving your business goals and strategy.

We can help you define and identify talent as well as articulate what good leadership in your business looks like. Having successfully written, developed and implemented countless talent management strategies, we have a great deal of practical experience, stories and ideas to share with you.

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