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Check List for Boosting Psychological Safety

We’ve offered a simple rating scale for you to evaluate how you think you personally are, or your organisation is doing. Complete the checklist below, or download a PDF version here.

Reflect on your own wellbeing

Be honest, how are you really doing? Do you know what is going well, what is not working and what support would make the difference for you in how you are leading your team?

Set the stage and clarify the context

You and your team are working in, especially because the ground has shifted since the pandemic. Make sure there is role clarity as well as discuss and set expectations about risks, mistakes, uncertainty and the importance of speaking up.

Refresh your sense of purpose as a team

Why you exist and why what you do matters and the values and behaviours that shape how you all work together. Achieve a shared understanding of interdependence and the balance between autonomy and collaboration.

Build a sense of belonging

Make sure each team member feels a strong personal connection with you and that they feel you know them and that you care about them as a person.

Promote mental and emotional security

…by replacing blame when things go wrong with curiosity; engage in explorations of the problem and ask people for ideas on solutions and positively invite participation.

Create connecting rituals

Virtual coffee rooms/lunches, texting, personal touches and informal check-ins; especially if some of your team are working remotely and some are back in the office, explore together how you will create an inclusive climate.

Don’t forget to respond productively

…by expressing appreciation, acknowledgements and saying thank you for individual and collective team contributions, efforts and achievements, to build team spirit.

Having reflected on your ratings, if you are not getting beyond an ‘average’ score in some or most areas, think about the impact on your business’s ability to retain key talent and the implications for your employer of choice reputation and brand. Investing in your talent, especially your leaders, is even more important now, for securing the skills and capability base that will propel a sustainable recovery in your business.

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If you’d welcome some additional input and ideas for your own action plan, contact Liz McGivern on +44 (0) 7798 797311, for an informal conversation. Liz is more than happy to share experience and insights about what clients are doing in this space.

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